Seed Management

Seed Management


As you sow, so you reap.  Improved seed is the basis of good crop production. We have found in our experiences that most of the farmers are unaware of the importance of seeds, sometimes farmers have to sow again because of availability of bad quality seeds. Even today, in the different name of seeds, many companies fetch money from the takes many years for the improved research varieties to reach the nearby areas from the research centers.

At present farmers are facing many challenges:

  • Unavailability of improved seeds
  • Many farmers are dependent on hybrid seeds.
  • Chemically treated hybrid seeds are available in markets.
  • Many farmers are not involved in own seed production.

Objective of Seed management

  • Provide local quality and genetically pure seeds, at the right time, at balance rate, at the right price,
  • On farm production of improved seeds
  • Low cost organic seed treatment (Tikakaran)
  • Storage of seeds organically in a safe organic way
  • Establishment of improved seed bank

What we do?

Abhinav has been teaching farmers about seed technology with following key activities:

  • Promoting Desi / improved varieties.
  • Using Biodynamic Calendar for sowing
  • Promotion of Personal / Community seed bank.
  • Pre sowing germination test
  • Organic seed treatment using local resources i.e. Beejamruth , C.P.P. , Buttermilk Trichoderma etc.
  • Campaigning against GMO seeds and ensuring availability of non Bt seeds in cotton crop.
  • Seed production programs of Grains, Pulses, Oil seeds, Vegetables etc.
  • Participatory varietal selection trials for selection of proper variety.
  • Bunch of genotype for increasing biodiversity.
  • Introduction of newly released variety.
  • Training and practical demonstration of technologies at farm level.
  • Making Village Subject matter specialist / master trainer / resource perso.
  • ( Beej Rakshak )
  • Linking farmers with Government department schemes / research stations.