Pratibha Syntex Limited

Pratibha Syntex Limited

Abhinav started working with Pratibha Syntex Limited in 2014 to teach organic farming to farmers in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Under the Vasudha Jivik Abhiyan project, Abhinav has so far trained more than 20,000 farmers on organic farming in 100 villages. Abhinav is working in Jhabua, Khargone, Barwani (Madhya Pradesh) and Bilada, Vijayanagar (Rajasthan) project area.


In the long run the focus of the project will be to create awareness among, and build the capacities of the farmers to adopt Low input techniques for improving their net earnings from farming and ensuring better livelihoods (increased self reliance, increased food security and better nutrition), consequently providing Pratibha Syntex limited a base of genuine organic farmers.

The Specific objectives are:

  • To build capacities of farmers to adopt, follow, demonstrate and experience the use and benefits of sustainable agriculture practices
  • To develop lead farmers and enhance their capacities for sustainable farming activities, through a process of participatory management and training programs.
  • To develop in house team of Pratibha, who will guide farming community in better way about sustainable organic techniques.

Key Activities :

Farmers and staff training ,Development of Input production centers , Cow urine banks ,Field visits, Model plot development, , Extension tools development i.e. Audio advisory , movies, posters, package of practice etc., Mass campaign etc.

Other Services: Field & Staff Monitoring ,Documentation and Reporting, Support for Organic Information Centres , Technical support during visits of buyers and funding agencies, Support for staff selection , Support for Seed plot Development, Coordinating with Administrative Head etc.

Result Out come:

  • Established 4 Input product centers.
  • Developed many lead farmers.
  • Developed more than 150 short films on organic agriculture.
  • Trained more than 20,000 farmers.