Trees have been an integral component of our agriculture since ancient times, these trees have been an important contribution to our existence, In the last few years, all of us have started cutting trees indiscriminately to increase the agricultural area or to build roads or to make wooden furniture or to get firewood or to build big dams.

Abhinav, AHRDO has always considered plantation work as one of the main components of sustainable agriculture development. at present farmers are facing many challenges.

Some of these are:

  • Climate change – imbalance of rainfall distribution, crop failure due to strong hot or cold wind in the field etc.
  • Delayed return on investments
  • Underdeveloped markets
  • Uncertainty in prices of produce outcome
  • Limited awareness programs
  • Uncontrolled Deforestation

Objective of Plantation program

  • Micro climate improvement
  • Soil and water conservation
  • Provide food , fodder and fuel security
  • Additional source of Income from Bunds
  • Making oxygen points
  • Overcome weather related uncertainty
  • Reduce pest problem of main crop
  • Green manure from bund plantation
  • Protection from natural calamities like, hot, cold wind storm etc.

What we do?

  • Identification of suitable plant species
  • Promotion of mix plantation of fruit , Green Manure , Vegetable , Medicinal etc. plants on farm bunds
  • Plantation of high value plants on bunds
  • Development of village level nurseries of Custard apple , Gliricidia,Citrus,Drum stick, Papaya etc.
  • Promotion of plantation at community land / farmer’s waste land.
  • Training and Practical Demonstration of technologies at farm level.
  • Making Village Subject matter specialist / master trainer / resource person in plantation.
  • Linking farmers with Government department plantation schemes.