Plant Protection Management

Pest Management
Plant Protection Management


A big portion of farmer’s budget is used to purchase chemical pesticides. It is very clear from field experiences that since farmers started using pesticide, the pest problem is increasing every year rather than decreasing. New types of enemy insects are emerging. Friendly insects and friendly creatures are getting destroyed. Majority farmers are not aware about the biological, mechanical and cultural ways to control pest.

Abhinav AHRDO has been disseminating Natural pest management techniques with the following objectives

  • To control pest using biological / cultural and biopesticide methods
  • To reduce the cost of cultivation.
  • To overcome the problem of development of resistance in pest against chemical pesticide.
  • To produce poison free crop.
  • To increase the population of beneficial insects, predators, parasites.

What we do

  • On farm bio pesticide Preparations with the help of cow urine, leaves of Neem, Custard apple, Akda, Dhatura, Ipomea, Nimboli Ark, Chili garlic ,onion extract, Buttermilk.

  • Intercropping /mixed cropping which helps in reducing pest attack.

  • Use of traps crops like Marigold , Ambadi , Sunflower etc.

  • Clean cultivation.

  • Use of Bird perches, Light traps, Pheromone traps.

  • Training and practical demonstration of technologies at farm level.

  • Development of local level bio input production centre.

As a result of above integrated practices farmers have been able to save lot of money on pest control. Many farmers adopted weed management techniques i.e. hand weeding or by intercultural operation. Abhinav’s main emphasis has been on making homemade bio Pesticides. Most of the villages adopted effective techniques like five leaf extract, garlic, onion, chili paste etc.