Nutrition Management


All the components of growth and development of trees, plants, land, water, air, sunlight have been created by nature. About 78 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen, 0-0.3 percent carbon dioxide are present in the air. Have you ever thought that why did God leave these gases in the atmosphere, other gases were less in his treasure? Trees and plants cannot walk; therefore, they have made arrangements for their food and drink there.


  • Majority of farmers have traditional pit system to convert organic waste as manure. This is faulty system because it takes lot of time and secondly farmer is getting poor quality manure for fields.
  • Most of the farmers apply dung manure in excess quantity in summer season.
  • Most of the farmers do not have available cow dung in sufficient quantity.
  • Most of the farmers are not aware about the balanced nutrition concept and importance of organic carbon in soil.
  • The green revolution led to high nutrient requirement hybrids resulting high use of chemical fertilizers.
  • Majority farmers are using urea, D.A.P. SSP and NPK fertilizers. Plants get only 3 or 4 elements from these fertilizers, whereas the plant requires 16-20 elements for growth and development.
  • Farmers have become accustomed to buying readymade inputs.
  • Subsidies given to the producing companies for the production of fertilizers.
  • Deterioration in physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil
  • More Pest disease outbreak in crops due to use of fertilizers.


  • Identification of local nutrient resources
  • Recycling of rural organic waste ,ensure the timely application of organic manure in proper quantity with proper methods ,
  • Improve the Physical, Chemical and Biological properties of soil.
  • Reduce the cost of cultivation to get
  • Harvest poison free crop
  • Improve organic carbon and beneficial microbial population in soil.

What we do

  • Abhinav AHRDO Farmers have been preparing on farm compost like enriched Bistar Khad composting , Jivamruth, ,Soybean tonic Dung water , use of Butter milk , bio gas slurry and applying it in many crops with provided package of practices.

  • Abhinav has been running a Bhu Raksha campaign

  • Abhinav has set up organic production centers to make available organic inputs to farmers at low cost.

  • Establishment of cow urine bank for farmers.

  • Training and Practical Demonstration of technologies at farm level.

Majority farmers have realized the importance of various composting technology, Many farmers have stopped selling cow dung manure. Majority farmers stopped applying manure during hot summers. Farmers have developed confidence that crops can be grown without using fertilizers.Many composting centers through Goshala /Individual efforts are successfully running.