Extension tool development


Abhinav has developed various types of extension tools, Abhinav has a skilled team for the development of these tools, these tools mainly include leaflets, short films, audio advisory messages, package of practice for different crops, important documents related to the project, training modules etc.

The messages of organic farming can be conveyed to many farmers in a simpler and faster manner through these tools. Extension tools are helpful in increasing the work efficiency of organic project staff .

The following points have been kept in mind while developing tools:

  • Tools should be in local language.
  • Images and fewer words should be used, especially in posters,
  • The words/sentences used in the tools should be simple so that farmers can understand them easily.
  • The tool costs should be low.

Abhinav provides the following services for projects:

  • Movie production on various agricultural practices, farmers interviews etc.
  • Documentation development eg. farmer diary, baseline survey etc.
  • Development of posters on organic farming
  • Development of package of practices for different crops
  • Audio advisory messages in languages ​​Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Oriya and English
  • Development of Training module