Input Production

Input Production



The chemical-based production centric farming has resulted in grave implications on Indian agriculture. As a result many farmers are deeply thinking about low cost organic input system. Looking this as an opportunity, many private companies have entered in to bio input market. Many bio products have very high market value and there is no guarantee of results. to overcome this problem.


To overcome this problem, the need was felt to set up a village-level input production center, which would produce quality bio-inputs at reasonable prices for the farmers. Abhinav started Input Production Center with DPIP Project Madhya Pradesh in the year 2004 to overcome the mentioned problems. Abhinav has successfully established more than 10 centers. These input centers have shown a way for making Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Objectives of Input production centers:

  • Create self-sustainable centers for organic farming .
  • Production of low cost , high quality organic produce
  • Reduce cost of cultivation
  • Develop Lead farmers
  • Build effective environment management and enriching the soil.
  • Generate employment
  • Promote produced locally and consumed locally concept

Key Activities :

  • Training on organic farming, Production of Bio inputs.

Product Mix :

  • Leaves and seeds extract which acts as bio pesticide (Insecticide and Fungicide )
  • Plant growth promoters and tonics made with soybean etc.
  • C.P.P. Biodynamic preparation
  • Jeevamruth – Multiplication of microbial culture etc.
  • Granulated phosphorous rich organic manure (PROM)
  • Nursery, organic seeds, products made from cow dung, etc. can also be part of the input production centers.

Various brands developed by farmer groups in consultation with Abhinav:
Amba ,Pentafighter ,Sudarshan , Bio Booster ,Bheem Tonic , C.P.P. etc.

Result Outcome:

  • Many farmers have saved lakhs of rupees on external agricultural inputs.
  • Many farmer organizations and agricultural institutes are successfully adopting the techniques given by Abhinav in many crops.
  • Many farmer organizations and N.GO.’s are successfully adopting the techniques given by Abhinav in many crops.
  • Many farmer and voluntary organizations have started their own production centers by taking training from Abhinav.