Crop Management

Crop Management


Thousands of years ago, plants used to grow in a mixed form in the natural state. In the era of Green Revolution, farmers are gradually forgetting the principles of growing crops in a mixed form of nature. While preparing the crop management plan of our farm, we should keep in mind the selection of more than one variety, type of soil, local climate, pest disease outbreak, market conditions etc.

At present farmers are facing many challenges

By adopting mono cropping method, many challenges arises i.e. food security threats, decreasing soil fertility, increasing outbreak of pests and diseases etc. As a result crop production is decreasing.

Objectives of crop management:

  • To reduce the pest problem.
  • To improve the fertility of soil
  • To reduce the risk of single crop failure.
  • To reduce the problem of weed.
  • To enhance income of farmers.
  • To ensure food security.
  • To mitigate climate change.
  • To get better yield
  • To get proper market uncertainty and rate of the produce

What we do ?

  • Promotion campaign and Implementation of Border ,multiple cropping, mixed cropping, intercropping Trap crop combinations , crop rotations in many crops. This includes combination of pulses, oil seed , grains , vegetables , spices etc.
  • Developing many crop models suitable for various types of agro- climatic zones.
  • Crop planning of farms ( Kharif , Rabi and Zaid )
  • Training and practical demonstration of many high revenue generation model has been successfully

Out Come : The farmers have started making season wise crop plans . Farmers have adopted different crop mixtures advised by Abhinav AHRDO. Many farmers have started getting net profit per acre, due to which their income has