About Us

About Us

Abhinav AHRDO was set up in the year 1999-2000 with the sole aim to develop the human resources of agricultural field to promote organic agriculture technologies. Abhinav, AHRDO is a multi-disciplinary organization providing consulting, advisory and implementation support for agriculture and rural development in India. Abhinav AHRDO considers organic agriculture as the best way to bring peace and harmony in the society.


Ravi S. Kelkar

(M. Sc. (Ag.) Plant breeding & M.B.A.)

Ajit S. Kelkar

(M. Sc. (Ag.), Agronomy, Gold medalist)

Legal entity Our organization is registered in 2002 under Municipal corporation act 1956 article 366 and 427 as proprietorship firm. The proprietor of Abhinav AHRDO is Ajit S. Kelkar (M.Sc. Agronomy, Gold medalist).

After completion of their studies both the brothers decided to work for farmers. They visited many villages and interacted with large no. of farmers to understand the present Agricultural conditions. They realized the bitter fact that the majority of Indian farmers are heavily indebted. After accounting of agriculture income, it was noticed that the cost benefit ratio of farming is very poor. The fertility of soil is going down every year and other problems of pest and diseases are increasing. The farming community has become totally dependent on others.

In most of the villages, farmers are fed up with the profession of agriculture, which has resulted in migration of agrarian people to urban areas for other occupations thus creating a burden on the stressed urban sector and resulting a labor shortage in agriculture.

Other side of the problem is breaking of communication between the knowledge centers and farmers. Most of the farmers are dependent on Krishi Seva Kendras (Agri.input centres) for basic agriculture knowledge. It was realized that there is strong and immediate need of a good organization, which will bridge the gap between farmers and knowledge centers and promote technology, which is eco friendly, economic and employment generating to bring self-sufficiency in rural India.


Emerge as a total solution center for farmers /facilitators/consumers in the field of organic agriculture with an aim to meet the needs of the present generation without endangering the resource base of future generation and to give long term solution to the present deteriorating agriculture with effectively and efficiently using the modern and ancient knowledge.

We strongly believe that philosophy of organic agriculture can bring peace and harmony in the society. Nature never differentiates among organism in providing the basic need for life i.e. Water, Air and Energy. Our existence on this earth is not because of our parents only but many organisms play a key role in our existence.



At Abhinav, we believe in the transformative power of collective action. We are convinced that only a broad-based holistic development approach is the solution for present deterioration situation. This approach broadly includes strengthening farmer’s social, ecological, economical, spiritual, logical aspects.

The overall objective of the organization is to make farmers/facilitators aware of sustainable farming practices that meet the needs of the present generation and balanced management of the components of agro-ecosystem without risking the resources of future generations and to give long term solutions to the present deteriorating agriculture with effectively and efficiently using the modern and ancient knowledge.

The specific objectives of Abhinav AHRDO are

  • To develop human resource potential among farmers/facilitators and enhance their capacities for sustainable farming activities in the areas of agro-biodiversity conservation, organic agriculture, animal husbandry, soil and water conservation and agro-based enterprises through a process of participatory management with the farmers.
  • To facilitate the formation of people’s structures that enables them to take charge of their own development process
  • To promote participation of women in decision making process of agriculture by forming Mahila Kisan Mandals
  • To prevent migration of people from villages by creating occupation opportunities at village level
  • To motivate agriculture youths (graduates/non graduates) and farmers for generating self-employment by giving them theoretical and practical training of sustainable agriculture.
  • To develop “Produmer culture” (Producer to consumer) for giving proper price to the farmers for their produce and by this way providing quality produce to the consumer.


Co existence – Nature never differentiates among organism and play a key role in our existence.

Participatory approach – Transfer of sustainable agriculture technology through a process of Participatory management.

Excellence: A commitment to work efficiently and effectively, and to constantly strive to improve.

Individual Freedom: A belief that everyone has the right to be free from excessive controls, through acting within a responsible framework.

Teamwork: A commitment to participation and teamwork.

Equity: A commitment to work for an end to caste, class, gender & other forms of discrimination.

Honesty: a commitment to openness & transparency


We have taken up several developmental activities in various states. At present we are operational in more than 200 villages in states like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir etc. with small land holder farmers especially with tribal communities.


Abhinav,ahrdo maintains financial records with full transparency from the very beginning. Abhinav, ahrdo gets financial helps from different project national and international project holders. All the accounts are computerized and updated every day.

Milstones OF ABHINAV

  • 2000 Established Abhinav, ahrdo and started working in Harda District 2001 Published Abhinav Krishi chintan
  • 2003 Supported farmers of Marathwara region (Maharashtra) with Oxfam 2004 Supported DPIP (World Bank Funded Project) Madhya Pradesh
  • 2006 Established 1st Organic Input production center at Amba Shajapur (M.P.)
  • 2008 Supported ITC Chili production program in Madhya Pradesh
  • 2010 Started consumer awareness program and Domestic Marketing
  • 2015 Supported Hand in Hand for Organic vegetable production
  • 2016 Supported Pratibha and C&A for Bio Input centers
  • 2017 Started Movie making for Vasudha Swaraj
  • 2018 Supporting Pratibha Syntex for Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan
  • 2019 Supporting OCA Projects
  • 2021 At present working with Pratibha Syntex , Aga Khan Foundation,OCA etc.


  • Suyash trust ( Maharashtra )
  • Satpura Integrated Rural Development Institution ( Madhya Pradesh )
  • Kalapandhari ( Maharashtra )
  • Sakav ( Maharashtra )
  • Srijan (Madhya Pradesh)
  • AIBOFA (Indore)
  • Hand in Hand (Chennai)
  • Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (India)
  • Aga Khan Foundation
  • Samaj Pragati Sahyog Kendra, Dewas, Madhya Pradesh
  • IDSSS(Indore)
  • Govigyan Anusandhan Sansthan ( Maharashtra )
  • Nature Pearls Ltd. (Uttar Pradesh)
  • ITC Ltd. (Mission Sunhara Kal )
  • Pratibha Syntex Ltd.
  • Omni Active Health Technologies
  • Sunstar Overseas Ltd.
  • Agriculture Department (Madhya Pradesh)
  • Animal welfare Board of India
  • DPIP (Government of Madhya Pradesh )
  • Akshay Krishi Parivaar (AKP)
  • Goseva Ayog ( Madhya Pradesh )
  • MANAGE (Hyderabad)
  • C& A
  • OCA (Organic cotton exhilarator)


  • Dr O N Solanki, Retd Dy Dir. Veterinary, Promoter of Biodynamic Agriculture
  • Avinash Karmarkar, Organic farming expert, Indore ( M.P.)
  • Dr. G.S.Kaushal Retd . Director Agriculture (M.P.)
  • PVSM J.S.Apte Retd. Air Marshal (Indian Air Force )
  • Shri Atul Govind Bhuskute (Organic farmer, Timarni , M. P. )
  • Shri Dilip Sing Tomar (Organic farmer, Indore , M. P. )
  • Shri Anand Singh Thakur (Organic farmer, Indore , M. P. )
  • Dr. A. R.Dabholkar ( Retd . Scientist &Plant Breeder, Indore, M. P. )
  • Shri Sunil Mansinghka ( Govigyan Anusandhan Kendra , Nagpur )