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About Abhinav

Organic farming offers an alternative agricultural system.  It initially began in the early in the 20th century.  The advent of pesticides brought in its benefits and pitfalls simultaneously.  It is more healthy relying on compost manure, green manure.




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Ajit Sharad Kelkar

  • Born in 1974 in MP
  •  Completed Post Graduation in M.Sc. (Agronomy )
  • University Topper and Gold Medalist
  • Started Abhinav , AHRDO IN 2000 and continue to date
  • Working experience in organic farming more than 20 years.
  • Worked directly with farmers in more than 500 villages.
  • Trained more than 100,000 farmers
  • Developed many extension tools i.e. Posters, Leaflets, audio advisory tools etc.
  • Former member Organic farming policy making committee ( Govt. Of Madhya Pradesh)
  • Member of the Animal Welfare Board of the Government of India.
  • Core Consultant / Advisor to N.G.O.’s , Government, Private and international organizations

Ravi Sharad Kelkar

  •  Born in 1972
  • Completed Post Graduation in M.Sc. (Plant Breeding and Genetics), MBA
  • Working with Abhinav AHRDO since 2000
  • Working experience in organic farming more than 22 years.
  • Worked directly with farmers in more than 500 villages.
  • Trained more than 100,000 farmers
  • Working Experience with more than 50 Organizations
  • Author of famous book – Abhinav Krishi Chintan, Organic vegetable cultivation.
  • Developed extension tools i.e. Biodynamic Calender Posters, Leaflets, agricultural web directory, audio advisory tools etc.


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Say about us

The relationship between Govigyan Anusandhan Kendra and Abhinav is about 20 years old. Abhinav has done an excellent job of explaining the social, practical, logical, scientific, and economic aspects between a cow and organic farming to the farmers. my best wishes to Abhinav , A.H.R.D.O.

Sunil Mansinghka

Gosevak, Nagpur (Maharashtra)

My relationship with Abhinav ,A.H.R.D.O. is for the last 20 years,, Twenty years ago Abhinav laid the foundation of organic farming in our Harda district ( Madhya Pradesh ), I am grateful for the hard work, dedication and sincerity of Abhinav, who encouraged many farmers of Harda district to adopt organic farming, I am proud to have the privilege of working with Abhinav

Sujit Sharma

Farmer, District Harda (Madhya Pradesh)

I was introduced to Abhinav Sanstha in the year 2010, Abhinav is one of the few organizations in the country that has really worked hard to take organic farming to the grassroots level. Many revolutionary works like the establishment of organic production centers, Biogas, bund farming etc. have brought a big change in thousands of farmers. Many farmers have adopted the innovative concept of own seed, own manure, own bio-pesticides, own food and own market given by abhinav. I am very much impressed with the short films developed by Abhinav on organic farming.

Avinash Karmarkar

Organic farmers , Indore (Madhya Pradesh)

My contact with Abhinav happened in the year 2000, at that time there was a shortage of water in our farm, with the guidance from Abhinav, I constructed a farm pond in 2 acres, Inspired by my work, about 1000 farmers nearby have constructed ponds on their lands, now there is no shortage of water in our area, many thanks to Abhinav.

Dilip Singh Tomar

Farmer District - Indore (Madhya Pradesh)

I have been associated with Abhinav as an advisor for the last 22 years, I have trained many farmers associated with Abhinav on Biodynamic farming and organic animal husbandry subject. Every year with our joint efforts, biodynamic krishi calendar (Krishi Panchang ) is prepared and delivered to thousands of farmers, I wish Abhinav a bright future, thank you

Dr. O.N. Solanki

Retired Veterinary Officer, Indore (Madhya Pradesh)

I have a close relationship with Abhinav Sanstha for many years. As is the name of the organization, so is the work. Such thoughts, guidance, qualities are found only in a few organizations. Abhinav is continuously working hard for the welfare of the farming society for the promotion and implementation of cow-based poison-free organic farming. Thanks again to the Abhinav from the heart of the farmer society, thank you.

Anand Singh Thakur

Organic Farmer, Indore (Madhya Pradesh)

My journey with Abhinav started in the year 2009, Earlier in my village farmers used to spend lakhs of rupees on chemical fertilizers and pesticides, Abhinav Sanstha came to our village and started training farmers in organic farming. Abhinav has established an organic input production center; due to which farmers have started saving lakhs of rupees.We are very much happy with their efforts.


OmPrakash Patidar

Farmer District Khargone (Madhya Pradesh)

Our Associate